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Parent Alert is a mass notification system that sends recorded voice calls, text messages, or emails to thousands of individuals in minutes. Parent Alert supplements the existing means of communicating at Nampa Christian Schools, especially in the case of an emergency where Parent Alert provides instantaneous communication to the entire school community.

Parent Alert Instructions

Please follow the directions below to verify your contact information and choose which phone numbers you would like Parent Alert to use. It is imperative that you verify your information and choose your Parent Alert preferences if you have not done so; otherwise, you will not receive import phone calls (emails or text messages) to notify you of school closures, delays, or emergency situations.

Setting Up Your Parent Alert Contact Preferences
  1. Log into your current ParentWeb account. (If you have not previously set up a ParentsWeb account, click here for instructions)
  2. Under the School Information menu, click on Web Forms
  3. Select the Family Demographic Form
  4. Choose a parent and click on the corresponding Custodial Parent Form – Each parent must verify their information and choose their preferences.
  5. This form contains the contact information we currently have for you in RenWeb
    • Verify all your demographic information
    • Make any necessary changes so we can update our database
    • The email addresses will be used for all school communications, not just Parent Alert. If you do not wish to receive all school communications to a particular email address, please do not enter that address on the web form.
  6. Under the Preferences section, check Yes or No to tell Parent Alert whether or not you want to be called at each phone number (home/cell/work).
  7. When you have finished, please be sure to click the Save button. The changes will take effect immediately in RenWeb.
  8. NOTE: Parent Alert messages may be sent via phone calls, text message, or email. The system gives NCS the flexibility to decide the best method for sending a particular message. Please keep this in mind as you fill out your contact information and Parent Alert Contact Preferences.

Recognizing a Text as a Parent Alert

When you receive a ParentAlert phone call, it will come from 208-466-8451. When you receive a Parent Alert text message, it will come from 317-065 and have a “Parent Altert: NP-ID” header in the message. If you set these numbers up in your contacts as NCS  (or whatever identifier you like), you will immediately recognize the communications as coming from NCS.