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2022-2023 Annual Fund

Thanks to the sacrificial generosity of the NCS Family, we were able to STAND FIRM last year as we navigated the incredible growth that God brought to the Treasure Valley and Nampa Christian Schools. As we approach the midpoint of this school year, we can see the changes around us. Despite the world's current “identity crisis” and subsequent attacks on our identity as Christians, we must endure and continue on the narrow path laid before us.  For that reason, we started the 2022-2023 school year with our theme of “Made In The Image Of God.” 

“So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” - Genesis 1:27

Nampa Christian Schools, through a Christ-centered partnership with families and Churches, exists to glorify God with our HEART, HEAD, and HANDS. We bear God’s image.  We must honor and protect this foundational piece of our faith! Our generous donors help us continue this important work for God’s school here in Nampa.

Without partners like you, our school would not be able to continue to provide transformative Christian discipleship, along with a high-quality classroom and extra-curricular experience, to families here in the Treasure Valley. It is only through generous donors like you that we are able to enrich and enhance our students’ education through state-of-the-art technology and elective supplies, professional development for staff to learn diverse instructional methods, the continuous improvement of security across our two campuses, and the maintenance and improvement of our physical assets like buildings, parking lots, lighting, vehicles, and signage.


Your gift to the Annual Fund impacts each student at Nampa Christian ensuring...

Continued Spiritual Emphasis: Discipleship groups, Student-led bible studies, Chapel services, and spiritual emphasis weeks provide special times for praise, worship, and inspiration.  The heart of our mission & vision is to equip, shape, and disciple students' HEARTS, HEADS, and HANDS. 
Academic Excellence with Biblical Integration: Students continue to achieve test scores higher than national averages. Our vision is to include more faith-based curriculum. When students truly understand something from a Biblical perspective, they gain a greater understanding of the character of God and have a greater understanding of God’s design. 
Strength in Athletics: Intentional discipleship continues as we are teaching and training our athletes to compete with honor, to the best of their ability, and to the glory of Jesus Christ.  The competition provides excellent teaching opportunities to build character and perseverance.
Technology in the Classroom: Access to 21st-century technology learning tools in the classroom reaches diverse learning styles, keeps students engaged and ensures that students are prepared to meet current demands.
Professional Development: Training for our dedicated staff to maximize effective use of curriculum and technology in the classroom.
Upgraded Facilities: The increased use of technology at our campuses creates an increased need to upgrade facilities to comply. Safety is also a top concern and the Annual Fund will provide for the continuous improvement of security and maintenance of our physical assets like buildings, parking lots, lighting, vehicles and signage. 
Annual Fund FAQs
Doesn’t my tuition cover the school’s operating budget expenses?
No, tuition alone does not cover the cost of educating a child. In order to keep tuition costs at a minimum, The Annual Fund helps to bridge the gap between revenue and expenses and enables us to steadfastly maintain the best possible educational experience.
Why doesn’t the school charge what it costs for students to attend?
We strive to make an education at Nampa Christian Schools accessible to as many students as possible. The School Board maintains its charge to enable many families with a Christ-centered educational experience which is why keeping tuition affordable is a priority. In addition, a gift to the school is tax-deductible, whereas tuition is not. This gives each family the opportunity to write-off a portion of their child’s education.
If I am receiving financial aid am I still asked to give?
Everyone in the Nampa Christian community is asked to participate in the Annual Fund as a symbol of our collective commitment to the school. Every gift, no matter the size, makes a difference in the lives of our children.
How much should I give?
We ask each family to consider what Nampa Christian gives to our families and to make a gift that is accordingly meaningful. Every gift matters. When we give to the school, we are demonstrating our commitment to the school and its mission and endorsing our outstanding faculty and staff.
When should I send my gift?
The Annual Fund runs from October 1 to May 31. Gifts made before December 31st may qualify for tax deductions in the current year.
May I make my donation to the Annual Fund online?
Yes! Secure online donations can be made here.