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We are thankful for the prayers and generous support of our school community. Since many prefer to give toward specific projects, we invite you to consider our current needs below. Additionally, by taking advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit that went into effect in 2011, donations to qualifying educational institutions like Nampa Christian Schools are eligible for a tax credit. Giving a gift may be easier than you realized!
If you would like to help meet a need or contribute towards a need, please contact Lorena Vermeer, our Communications Director, via email ( or at (208) 475-1706. 

Under $1,000


$350.00     Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Pots-NEED MET

Needed for our Flamingo Campus Kitchen

$350.00     Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Pots

Needed for our Home Economics Class

$500.00     Computer stands with quick-release cords to be easily moved

Needed for our Flamingo Campus Cafeteria Pay Station

Between $1,000 and $5,000


$1,300.00     Sprinklers/Seed for area behind High School

Needed to help control weeds, improve the look of the campus with more grass areas.

$1,300.00     Sprinklers for area around track NEED MET

 Needed to help improve the look of the campus and remove workload of moving pipe to water.

$1,978.00     Two drinking fountains/water bottle fill stations NEED MET

Needed in Middle School hall and Orchard Gym to help facilitate faculty, staff, and students who bring refillable water bottles to school. 

$2,000.00     Replacement Trees

Needed to replace dead trees on our Flamingo Campus

$2,000.00     Additional cameras across all campuses

Needed to improve campus surveillance and security across all campuses.

$3,500.00     Sprinklers for area around cell tower NEED MET

 Needed to help improve the look of the campus and remove the workload of moving pipe to water.

Between $5,000 and $10,000

$8,000.00       Drumline equipment

Percussion equipment for a basic drumline crew including snares, tenor and bass drums, cymbals, toms, and carriers.

$10,000.00     High Lift / Man Lift

Needed to replace our old, unreliable, and unsafe lift.

$10,000.00     Flamingo Cafeteria Floor

The current flooring is shrinking and separating. We'd like to remove this flooring and then grind and seal the conrete underneath for a more durable and longer-lasting solution.

$10,000.00     Science Lab Equipment

Updated equipment for the Middle and High School science classrooms at the Flamingo campus.

$10,000.00     Replace Floors in Trojan Kid's Club

We need to replace the flooring in the bathrooms in our Trojan Kids Club area.

Between $10,000 and $25,000

$12,000.00     Replace Carpet in Flamingo Campus Hallways

The carpet on our Flamingo Campus is showing signs of noticeable wear, tear and staining.

$13,000.00     Walker Mower-72" Deck NEED MET

Walker-72" Deck Mower is needed to maintain new grass on the Flamingo Campus. 

$16,640.00     YEA investment

Needed to get benefits during tournaments that include stipends for our student-athletes.

$20,000.00     Orchard Campus Road Sign NEED MET

A new electronic road sign to replace the old one along Orchard Ave to eliminate the need to change letters by hand.

$20,000.00+       Sprinklers/Seed/ Fertilizer for area by Senior Parking Lot

Needed to help control weeds, improve the look of the campus with more grass areas.

$25,000.00+       Sprinklers/Seed for area outside Central Office

Needed to help control weeds, improve the look of the campus with more grass areas.

$25,000.00     Elementary Bathroom Renovation NEED MET

Our elementary bathrooms are old and in desperate need of a remodel. To ensure privacy, cleanliness and safety, we need to renovate.

Over $25,000


$200,000.00     Indoor Practice Facility

Our athletic program is in dire need of additional indoor practice space. With all gym space overloaded, we would like to construct a new facility at our Flamingo Campus. The primary use would be for our baseball and softball teams. A secondary use during winter would be for our wrestling team. The facility would include locker and restrooms. 

$250,000.00     Bleachers for Football Field

New bleachers are needed for Campbell Field at the Orchard campus.

$5,000,000.00     New Preschool Building NEED MET

Our Preschool is bursting at the seams! Checkout our Capital Campaign site to learn more about this need...