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Middle School Athletics are a great way to prepare young students for the challenges ahead as well as to provide opportunities to learn sportsmanlike behavior while working as a team. Caring, qualified coaches aid with the physical and spiritual development of the students to encourage them to live in a Christ-like manner.

The WIC middle school conference has moved ahead with the A, B, C, D team format that they began last year, allowing 7th and 8th-grade athletes to be intermixed on skill level-based teams. The league made this change in part to prevent schools with low participation numbers from having to forfeit entire seasons if their teams were limited by grade level only.

Our administration does not subscribe to this practice and believes there is inherent value in our middle school athletes playing together and strengthening relationships with their own 7th or 8th grade classes. Nampa Christian Middle School teams will continue to be grouped by grade level, as we have done in the past. For instance, the Nampa Christian A-Team will be our 8th-grade A-Team. Our B-Team will be our 8th-grade B-Team. Our C-Team will be our 7th-grade A-Team, and the D-Team will be our 7th-grade B-Team. 

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