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2020-2021 Tuition Schedule

Tuition amounts listed do not include new student fees, annual fees for new and returning students or class participation fees. Please see the drop-down menus below the tuition schedule for a list of actual fees. Discounts are offered to families with multiple students attending Nampa Christian Schools. Family rates apply only to family members living in the same household.  Please note the first child is the child in the highest grade. 5th and subsequent children are charged at the same discount rate for the 4th child. Enrichment days are in addition to PreK tuition.

  6th - 12th
1st - 5th
(3 day)
(5 day)
(2 day)
(5 day)
1st Child $7,490 $6,615 $4,695 $6,515 $3,330 $6,305
2nd Child $6,740 $5,955 $4,220 $5,865 $2,995 $5,675
3rd Child $6,740 $5,955 $4,220 $5,865 $2,995 $5,675
4th Child $5,990 $5,295 $3,750 $5,210 $2,655 $5,050

A 2% discount is available for annual payments (paid by check or cash), due on the first day of the school year (no later than September 1st). A 1% discount is available for semester payments (paid by check or cash), due the first day of each semester (no later than September 1st and January 10th).

Monthly Payment Plan Options
9 Month Plan         September-May
10 Month Plan       August-May
11 Month Plan*      August-June          *Not available to seniors.

Board approval is required for any other plans.

Application Fee $25.00
Evaluation Fee $25.00
Enrollment Fee PreK-Grade 12  $185.00*       

*Enrollment fee will be discounted for returning families if paid during the scheduled re-enrollment period.

Registration Fees (Per Student)
          Grades 1-12     $300.00
  Kindergarten $200.00
  PreK 4 Year Olds $140.00


Building & Maintenance (Per Family)
          Grades PreK(5d), K(5d), 1-12     $375.00
  Grades PreK(2d),K(3d) $250.00
Registration and building and maintenance fees are due before the academic year begins.
Trojan Kids Club (per hour) $4.00
Trojan Kids Club (daily, non-school days) $30.00
Shuttle Bus (per trip) $1.00
Bus Route (per child)     $750.00
Sports Participation (6-8, per sport) $150.00
Sports Participation (9-12, per sport)     $200.00
H.S. Football Fee (in addition to sports fee) $100.00
Graduation Fee (seniors) $150.00
H.S. Music Fee (semester) $25.00
M.S. Band Fee (semester) $25.00
Art Fee 6-12 (per semester) $25.00
Drama Fee 6-12 (per semester) $25.00
Fitness Class 6-12 (semester) $15.00
Tech Class 6-12 (semester) $50.00
H.S. Home Ec. Fee (per semester) $50.00
H.S. Science Lab Fee (per semester) $20.00
Parking Permits (annual) $25.00
Senior Bible Seminar (per book) $10.00


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