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2023-2024 Tuition Schedule 

Tuition amounts listed do not include new student fees, annual fees for new and returning students, or class participation fees. Please see the tables below the tuition schedule for a list of actual fees. Discounts are offered to families with multiple students attending Nampa Christian Schools. Family rates apply only to family members living in the same household.  Please note the first child is the child in the highest grade. 5th and subsequent children are charged at the same discount rate for the 4th child. 

K - 12 Annual Tuition Amounts

Grade(s)1st Child2nd & 3rd Child4th+ Child
9th - 12th$8,675$7,800$6,950
6th - 8th$8,225$7,400$6,575
1st - 5th$7,625$6,875$6,100
Kindergarten - 3 day$5,300$4,775$4,250
Kindergarten - 5 day


Pre-Kindergarten Annual Tuition Amounts

PreK4 - 2 day$3,775  
PreK4 - 3 day$5,275  
Prek4 - 5 day$7,525  
PreK3 - 2 day, Half-day$2,250  
PreK3 - 3 day, Half-day$3,125  
PreK3 - 2 day$3,725  
PreK3 - 3 day$5,225  
Prek3 - 5 day$7,475  

A 2% discount is available for annual payments (paid by check or cash), due on August 1st. (No FACTS fee)

A 1% discount is available for semester payments (paid by check or cash), due on August 1st and January 1st. (No FACTS fee)

Monthly Payment Plan Options:  
10 Month Plan       July - April ($50 annual fee paid to FACTS) 
11 Month Plan       July - May ($50 annual fee paid to FACTS)  

Board approval is required for any other plans.

Infants, Toddlers, & 2s Monthly Cost

ProgramMonthly Cost Per Child
2s Half-Day - 2 day$240
2s Half-Day - 3 day$340
2s Full-Day - 2 day$410
2s Full-Day - 3 day$570
2s Full-Day - 5 day$820
Toddlers Full-Day - 2 day$410
Toddlers Full-Day - 3 day$580
Toddlers Full-Day - 5 day$830
Infants Full-Day - 2 day$430
Infants Full-Day - 3 day$590
Infants Full-Day - 5 day$840


Fee Schedule

Application Fee  
(due at time of application)
All Students: 
Enrollment Fee  
(one fee per student, due March 31st  
  or upon acceptance if after March 31st)
Infants, Toddlers, 2s: 
($100 for current family re-enrollment)
PK3 & PK4: 
($100 for current family re-enrollment)
K - 12: 
($100 for current family re-enrollment)
Building and Maintenance Fee  
(one fee per family due May 31st  
  or upon acceptance if after May 31st)
2-day or 3-day only: 
Student Fee 
(one fee per student due June 30  
  or upon acceptance if after June 30)
Infants, Toddlers, 2s: 
PK3 & PK4: 
K - 12: 

Fees Based on Participation

Little Trojan Kids Club (per hour): $4
Little Trojan Kids Club (daily, non-school days): $40
Trojan Kids Club (per hour): $4
Trojan Kids Club (daily, non-school days): $40
Shuttle Bus (per trip): $1
Bus Route (per child): $750
Grades 6-8, Sports Participation (per sport): $150
Grades 6-8, Band: $25
Grades 9-12, Sports Participation (per sport): $200
Grades 9-12, Football (in addition to above): $100
Grade 12, Senior Bible Seminar (per book): $10
Grade 12, Graduation: $200
Grades 9-12, Music (per semester):   
Does not include clothes, costumes, accessories, or Choir Tour
Grades 9-12, Home Economics (per semester): $50
Grades 9-12, Science Lab (per semester): $20
Grades 9-12, Robotics Club (annual): $200
Grades 6-12, Art Class (per semester): $25
Grades 6-12, Drama Class (per semester): $25
Grades 6-12, Fitness Class (per semester): $15
Grades 6-12, Tech Class (per semester): $50
Parking Permit (annual): $25



Additional Financial Policies

Nampa Christian recognizes the value of long-term relationships with families in the education and discipleship of their children. We desire to partner with families and students through graduation (and beyond.) Because of this, we offer you Continuous Enrollment.  From the time of admission, your child will be considered enrolled at Nampa Christian through high school graduation unless otherwise notified by the parent or the school of a change in this relationship. You do not have to re-apply each year, and we will hold your child’s spot in the class.

Not only does this offer a streamlined process for you, but it also allows our NCS leadership team to move forward with planning for the future year based on enrollment numbers.

NCS Board of Trustees will publish the following school year’s tuition rates and post them on this website. Notice will be given to NCS families when the new rates have been posted.

NCS families have until January 31st to Opt-Out of Continuous Enrollment by completing the Opt Out/Withdrawal form. Please note that by opting out of Continuous Enrollment, your child’s spot in the class will be opened to prospective students, and your child will no longer be guaranteed a spot for the next school year. You may still re-enroll at a later date – so long as space is available – with an enrollment fee of $200.

If a student Withdraws/Opts Out between February 1 and June 30, the annual fees are not refundable and are due upon withdrawal.

If a student Withdraws/Opts Out between July 1 and the first day of school, the annual fees are not refundable, and 10% of the annual tuition will be due upon withdrawal.

If a student withdraws after the start of the school year, the annual fees are not refundable and tuition for that grading period (quarter or trimester) is due upon withdrawal.

Annual Fee Schedule billed to family accounts on February 1 with due dates as indicated below.

  • Application Fee (due at time of application)
  • Enrollment Fee (per student) -due March 31 or upon acceptance if after March 31
  • Building and Maintenance Fee (one fee per family) -due May 31 or upon acceptance if after May 31
  • Student Fee (per student) -due June 30 or upon acceptance if after June 30

Accounts are delinquent after 30 days and will be charged a 1.5% per month interest fee ($10.00 minimum charge) on all portions of any accounts past due. Accounts more than 60 days past due require a plan of correction to be submitted to Nampa Christian for approval. Failure to present a plan, rejection of the plan or failure to follow the approved plan will result in the student(s) dismissal from school until the account is brought current. The final decision for permanently removing a student from school for non-payment and/or sending an account to collections rests with the Board of Trustees. Report cards and transcripts will not be processed until all accounts are fully paid.

Written notice to the school office is required if a student is withdrawn from school during the school year. If a student is withdrawn or expelled, tuition charges will be pro-rated according to the grading period. All student fees must be paid in full regardless of the date of enrollment or expulsion, or withdrawal, and no student fees are refundable in case of withdrawal or expulsion. In case of late enrollment, tuition charges will be pro-rated according to the grading period in which a student is enrolling.

After a student has withdrawn for any reason and all efforts to collect past due or delinquent accounts have been exhausted, the school shall turn the account over to a collection agency.

Notice: Our policy is to withhold a transferred student’s records for nonpayment of tuition or fees pursuant to prior agreement by parents and in accordance with Idaho Code 18-4511 for private schools.

Financial policies are subject to change, by the Board of Directors, without notice.


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