Middle School

Nampa Christian Middle School

Grades six through eight represent a transition between the self-contained classroom of the elementary school and the independence within the high school. Nampa Christian Middle School is based on an advisory concept with the primary goal of creating a climate of caring and community between students and teachers, while establishing a partnership between home and school.
With an emphasis on academic excellence, Nampa Christian Middle School teachers and staff assist students to achieve their highest academic potential. English, science, history, physical education, and Bible, as well as a variety of electives, balance academic goals and priorities to ensure that the school day is a blend of opportunities to develop students' minds, hearts, dispositions, talents and bodies. 
Biblical Integration
Nampa Christian Middle School firmly holds the integration of God's word into daily teaching as a priority. The goal of Biblical integration is to help students to think biblically and critically not only about every subject, but also about every aspect of their lives. When students truly understand something from a Biblical perspective, they gain a greater understanding of the character of God, and have a greater understanding of God’s design. Nampa Christian students are encouraged to view a subject the way God does, and to see how this understanding impacts them personally in every area of their lives, as well as society at large. This daily integration, accompanied by daily prayer and devotions, and enriched with a weekly chapel service focusing on the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, make Nampa Christian truly a God-centered learning environment.
Advisory has been included in all middle school and high school schedules. Each day, 20 minutes are set aside for our teachers to make a connection beyond the classroom. This is an essential contributor to educational and personal success because it generates a unique relationship between teacher/student and the instructor becomes an advocate for their students at school and a comrade for life.   
Community Service Program
The Community Service Program instills in students the need to prioritize serving others; to promote a positive image of the youth at Nampa Christian in the community, and most importantly to provide a chance to visibly display the love of Jesus to others. We encourage students to continually explore new ways to serve the community and discover their own unique gifts for service. This can also be a great opportunity for the entire family to serve together and grow closer to each other!
Cultivate Groups
Once per month after chapel, small groups known as Cultivate Groups meet to foster intergenerational relationships and create well rounded students. The emphasis of Cultivate Groups is to develop a biblical foundation that sticks with them when they launch from high school and beyond. 
Flex Fridays
Flex Fridays provide a brief reprieve from the academic structure of the school week. They provide accountability for students needing extra help from a specific teacher or more time to work on an assignment. They also reward students who are excelling academically with bonus time during advisory to enjoy an activity with their friends. Flex Fridays are an asset and a wonderful tradition for the students at Nampa Christian Middle School.