Invite a Friend to School

Invite a Friend to School!

What would happen if a student who has never experienced what Nampa Christian has to offer set foot on any one of our campuses? We think that once they got their foot in the door they would experience something very special. That's why on Thursday, October 5, we are setting aside a day for students (1st - 12th grade) to invite a friend to school. We believe Nampa Christian is an often overlooked treasure and hope to provide a way to expose more students to the amazing Christian learning environment of our school.
Parents, to help us with planning, please RSVP to your school's secretary with the name of your child's friend no later than Tuesday, October 3. Lunch will be provided at no cost for all our special guests. Note, the Nampa School District does not have school scheduled on this day.
Please download the required consent form to give to your child's friend. They will need to bring the completed form with them when they come to school.Thank you!