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UNITY: 2017-2018 Theme

Unity in the body of Christ is serious business. It is more important than the design, decoration, or use of a building. It’s more important than VBS, youth, hymns versus praise choruses, our pet project, or hurt feelings. Why? Because unity in the church springs from the heart of God as the Holy Spirit is allowed to control each of us as living stones. As living stones if we humble ourselves and allow the Spirit to work in our life He will properly place us within the body of believers called the church and we will be together in following, obeying, and portraying Jesus Christ!

What does it take to be unified?
  • Common Faith
  • Common Spirit
  • Common Goals
  • Common Values

God’s goal for His body was oneness. Why? Because as we stand together in Him we can face anything the gates of hell can throw at us. There is strength in numbers. When we stand together in His Spirit there is unmatched, unlimited power to live our lives His way!

Our Bible verse is Psalm 133:1. It reads, "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity?"

We have chosen the song, "We Are One" by Greg Sykes. When you have a moment, listen to it and reflect on the importance and value of unity.

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