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We are thankful for the prayers and generous support of our school community. Since many prefer to give toward specific projects, we invite you to consider our current needs below. Additionally, by taking advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit that went into effect in 2011, donations to qualifying educational institutions like Nampa Christian Schools are eligible for a tax credit. Giving a gift may be easier than you realized!


Indoor Practice Facility | Estimated Cost: $150,000

Our athletic program is in dire need of additional indoor practice space. WIth all gym space overloaded, we would like to construct a new facility at our Flamingo Campus. The primary use would be for our baseball and softball teams. A secondary use during the winter season would be for our wrestling team.


Bleachers for Football Field | Estimated cost: $50,000

New bleachers are needed for Campbell Field at the Orchard campus.


Orchard Main Gym Air Conditioning | Estimated Cost: $25,000

To help control temps in the early and late portions of the school year, we need air conditioning installed into the Main Gym on our Orchard Campus.


Orchard Campus Road Sign | Estimated cost: $20,000

A new electronic road sign to replace the old one along Orchard Ave


Orchard Main Gym Ceiling Insulation | Estimated cost: $15,000

New insulation and a ceiling are needed in the Orchard main gym.


Flamingo Cafeteria Floor | Estimated Cost $10,000

The current flooring is shrinking and separating. We'd like to remove this flooring and then grind and seal the conrete underneath for a more durable and longer-lasting solution.


Elementary Bathroom Stalls | Estimated Cost: $15,000

The dividers for our elementary bathroom stalls are old and beginning to break. To ensure privacy and safety, we need to purchase and install new dividers.


New Sinks | Estimated cost: $10,000

We need new sinks installed in some bathrooms at our Flamingo Campus. We can't get parts for the existing ones, so some need to be removed and replaced so we can use them for spare parts for the rest.


Bathroom Floors in Trojan Kid's Club | Estimated cost: $10,000

We need to replace the flooring in the bathrooms in our Trojan Kids Club area.


Science Lab Equipment | Estimated cost: $10,000

Updated equipment for the Middle and High School science classrooms at the Flamingo campus.


Science Classroom Ventilation | Estimated cost $10,000

New ventilation fans are needed in the Middle and High School science classrooms at the Flamingo campus.


Drumline equipment | $8,000

Percussion equipment for a basic drumline crew including snares, tenor and bass drums, cymbals, toms, and carriers.

Thanks to our generous donors these needs have been met!


Orchard Campus

- Resurfacing of the track to provide a new and safe running surface
- Roof repairs to fix leaks over the cafeteria, kitchen, and music rooms
- Air conditioning for the Trojan Kid's Club and elementary library
- Outdoor lighting on the elementary campus
- Master key system
- Scoreboard clock for the football field
- Insulation for gymnasium walls
- Track Pits

Flamingo Campus

- New sideline chairs
- Media system for the Heritage Room
- Window coverings for the Heritage Room
- Tree replacement
- Security improvements (doors and lighting)
- Lobby furniture
- Athletic Chairs
- Choir Risers

Both Campuses

- Parking lot improvements
- Blacktop repair
- Outside speakers
- Two ATVs with snow plows attached
- Two new buses for route and event transportation
- Two new 15-passenger vans

Donor Enabled Projects Video

If you would like to help meet a need or contribute towards a need, please contact Jeff Antosh, our Advancement Director, via email or at (208) 475-1706. 
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