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Bus Route Information

Nampa Christian Schools is pleased to offer the following bus route.

Morning Route
  • Amity Rd. and McDermott Rd. - 6:35 AM
  • Franklin Rd. and Ten Mile Rd. - 6:50 AM
  • Oregon Trail Church of God - 7:20 AM
Afternoon Route
  • Oregon Trail Church of God - 3:35 PM
  • Franklin Rd. and Ten Mile Rd. - 4:05 PM
  • Amity Rd. and McDermott Rd. - 4:20 PM

Route includes drop-off/pick-up stops at both the Flamingo and Orchard Campuses.

Signing up for the Bus Route

If you would like your children to ride the Route Bus, please make arrangements with the registrar prior to the beginning of school. We will give you the exact locations of bus stops and estimated times for pick-up and drop-off. Rates are assessed per rider and include round trip. There is no discount for one-way riders or refunds provided on days not used. Route Bus charges may be paid annually, or by semester and will be added to your school account. Rates and payment options are detailed below. 
5 Days/Week 4 Days/Week 3 Days/Week 2 Days/Week 1 Day/Week
$750/Year $600/Year $450/Year $300/Year $150/Year
$375/Semester $300/Semester $225/Semester $150/Semester $75/Semester


To reserve a seat or for questions, please contact our registrar at (208) 475-1711. 

Shuttle Bus (Between Campuses)

The afternoon shuttle leaves the elementary campus at 2:55 PM, leaves the secondary campus at 3:15, and arrives back at the elementary campus at 3:30 PM. The cost of the shuttle is $1 per student per day. NCS student-athletes in Middle School or High School traveling for practice/games will not be charged. Shuttle drivers will keep attendance and shuttle charges will be added to family accounts at the end of each month.