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Information about enrollment for concurrent credit courses will be given by the classroom teacher. Students should enroll in their courses online. Questions about concurrent credit at Nampa Christian can be directed to Amanda Duerre, Guidance and Career Counselor. 







These courses are taught at Nampa Christian High School by approved instructors. Each concurrent credit faculty member has met the qualifications for each university to be an adjunct professor.



Alumni Testimonials


"Taking concurrent credit classes in high school was a lot of work, but it was definitely worth it! As a college freshman with an undecided major, it is so nice knowing that I have almost a year of college credits under my belt. I have plenty of room to maneuver as I figure out what it is that God has planned for me, and I was able to learn in a comfortable environment alongside my friends with high school teachers that understood my learning style and personality. I am very thankful for the opportunities that I had at Nampa Christian to get a head start into my college career."

- Anetta De Jong, NCS Class of 2018