Current Needs

Thank You

We are thankful for the prayers and generous support of our school community. Since many prefer to give toward specific projects, we invite you to consider our current needs below. Additionally, by taking advantage of the Idaho Education Tax Credit that went into effect in 2011, donations to qualifying educational institutions like Nampa Christian Schools are eligible for a 50% tax credit. It may be easier to give than you realized.

Thanks to our generous donors these needs have been met!

  • Blacktop Repair
  • Master Key System
  • Outside Speakers
  • Scoreboard Clock
  • Tree Replacement
  • Window Coverings

Will you help us meet the following needs?

  • Air Conditioning for Trojan Kid's Club Area | Estimated cost: $25,000
    Air conditioning for the Trojan Kid's Club and the Elementary library.
  • Orchard Gym Improvements | Estimated cost: $18,000
    New insulation and a ceiling are needed in the Orchard main gym.
  • Bleachers for Football Field | Estimated cost: $15,000
    New bleachers are needed for Campbell Field.
  • Bus | Estimated cost: $20,000
    New bus to help with route and transportation for athletics and clubs.
  • Covering for Ramp to Trojan Kid's Club | Estimated cost: $10,000

    Adding a covering to the ramp down into the gym on the Orchard Campus. This would prevent water from running down the ramp and causing flooding issues in the gym.

  • Gym Chairs | Estimated cost: $3,000
    New chairs for athletic teams in the the High School Gym.
  • Insulation in Main Gym | Estimated Cost: $1,700
    Repairs to the insulation in the Orchard Main Gym.
  • Lobby Furniture | Estimated cost: $5,000
    New furniture for the lobby in the secondary building.
  • Media System for Heritage Room | Estimated cost: $3,000

    Technology such as a smart board, projector, etc. are needed for the Heritage Room.

  • Science Lab Equipment | Estimated cost: $10,000

    Updated equipment for Middle School and High School science labs.

  • Security for Secondary Campus Lobby | Estimated cost: $15,000

    Security enhancements are needed for the entrance to the Secondary building.

  • Snow Removal Equipment | Estimated cost: $6,000

    For our both our Elementary and Secondary campuses.

If you would like to help meet a need or contribute towards a need, please contact our Development Director via email or at (208) 475-1734.