Concurrent Credit

Information about enrollment for concurrent credit courses will be given by the classroom teacher. Students should enroll for their courses online. Questions about concurrent credit at Nampa Christian can be directed to Amanda Duerre, Guidance and Career Counselor. 
Due dates for enrollment are as follows:

These courses are taught at Nampa Christian High School by approved instructors. Each concurrent credit faculty member has met the qualifications for each university to be an adjunct professor.

Teacher Institution Class Class Name Credits Cost
Mr. Harris CWI History Sem 2 HIST 112-001 3 $65/credit
Mr. Harris BSU Government POL 101 3 $65/credit
Mr. Shatto NNU English Honors: Compostion ENGL 1020 3 $65/credit
Mr. Shatto NNU Creative Writing: Short Fiction/Poetry ENGL 1094 3 $65/credit
Mrs. Rodenburg NNU Pre-calculus Sem 1 MATH 1300 College Algebra 3 $65/credit
Mrs. Rodenburg NNU Pre-calculus Sem 2 Trig MATH 1400 Trigonometry 3 $65/credit
Mrs. Rodenburg CWI Calculus  MAT 170 Calculus 1 5 $65/credit
Dr. Luque NNU Chemistry CHEM 1200 Principles of General Chemistry 3 $65/credit
Dr. Luque NNU Chemistry Lab CHEM 1200L Principles of General Chemistry Laboratory 1 $65/credit
Dr. Luque NNU Human Biology BIOL 1060 Human Biology 3 $65/credit
Dr. Luque NNU Human Biology Lab BIOL 1060L Human Biology Laboratory 1 $65/credit
Mr. Lacy NNU Economics ECON 1050 Analysis of Economic Issues $65/credit